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Ta Petro

Driver Programs


It's Time You've Been Recognized...

At TA and Petro Stopping Centers our focus is to recognize drivers who exhibit high standards of safety, leadership, community involvement and giving back.  

Red Eye Radio Million Mile Club logo

Million Mile Club

Petro Stopping Centers supports Million Mile Club through Red Eye Radio.  Eligible members must have driven at least 1,000,000 miles without a preventable accident.  Two drivers are entered into the Million Mile Club each week.  Weekly winners are determined by a random drawing, each winning driver will be awarded a premium, custom-embroidered jacket.

Visit the Million Mile Club Entry Page


Citizen Driver Award

In 2013, TA and Petro launched the annual Citizen Driver nomination process. Veteran professional drivers who exhibit high standards of safety, leadership, community involvement and giving back are nominated, vetted and a select number are graded by a list of judges.  The drivers honored as a Citizen Driver have their favorite TA or Petro travel center location named after them.

Visit the Citizen Driver Page

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