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Ta Petro

Fuddruckers Catering Menu

You don't name a place Fuddruckers® unless you appreciate a good time as much as a great burger. 

Let us help you create your World's Greatest Event with Fudds Caters at Your Place or Ours.

Fuddruckers® food is always fresh, hot and tasty -- and you never have to worry because you know it's exactly what your guests are craving.

Did you know that our catering menus are totally customizable and go well beyond the World's Greatest Hamburgers®? How about a Fudds Exotic Burger party? Or Fudds famous Sandwiches, Salads, Appetizers and drinks?

Whatever you choose, Fuddruckers® promises to make it your World's Greatest Event.


Fuddruckers premium burger boxes, wings and chicken tenders catering menu. Click to view full catering menu
Fuddruckers build your own burger bar, sides, beverages and desserts catering menu. Click to view full catering menu



Fuddruckers salads catering menu. Click to view full catering menu

Catering Favorites

World's Greatest Hamburgers®

Build Your Own Burger Bar

Exotic Burger Parties

Sandwiches, Salads, Appetizers

Customizable Catering Menus

Spacious Party Rooms

Delivery to a Venue of Your Choice

Small and Large Parties

Box Lunches

Special events, meetings, luncheons, dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries... You name it!

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