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Ta Petro

Current Tire Promotions

Get select Firestone tires at TA Truck Service for up to $100 off per tire.

Get Up to $100 off Firestone Tires

Winter can be tiring, but these savings can help put a spring in your step! With our special pricing, you'll get Firestone drive, steer and trailer tires for up to $100 off per tire.*

The TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network makes finding the right tires for your truck simple. Whether you’re with our RoadSquad team roadside or in-bay at one of our TA Truck Service shops, our nationwide network of TIA-certified professional technicians can advise you on the best tires for your application and install your new purchase.

*Special pricing valid from January 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020 at participating TA Truck Service locations while supplies last. Price listed not valid on wide-base tires. Price does not include F.E.T., mounting labor, balancing, valve stems or state or local taxes.

Get free Counteract beads with purchase of two steer tires or eight drive tires.

Get FREE Counteract Beads with the Purchase of Two Steers or Eight Drives

Tires command a lot of attention, and as a top expense for drivers, any tire maintenance practice that can help extend tire life is worth consideration. Consider tire balancing, which can set you up for savings and a smoother ride before your tires touch the highway.

Tire balancing corrects an uneven distribution of weight in tires and wheel assemblies, which can help prevent premature tread wear, improve vehicle stability, as well as maximize lifespan of tires overall.

This March and April, get FREE Counteract balancing beads with your purchase of two steers or eight drive tires*. Enjoy benefits like improved fuel economy, reduced vibration, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and more! Find a TA Truck Service near you to learn more about tire balancing or to take our Counteract balancing beads for a spin.

*Offer valid beginning March 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020 at participating TA Truck Service locations. Free Counteract balancing beads valid only with the retail purchase of two (2) new steer tires, installed or eight (8) new drive tires, installed. Free Counteract balancing beads must be redeemed on the same work order as the qualifying tire purchase. Free Counteract balancing beads will be installed by a TA Truck Service technician at the time of tire installation. Offer not valid on NTA purchases or the purchase of used or retread tires.

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