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Back on the Road

A Blog by TA & Petro Stopping Centers

StayFIT Days are here!

StayFit Days are here!It can be a challenge to be healthy and stay fit while on the road. To help, TravelCenters of America is making health and wellness experts available at TA and Petro locations across the country so drivers can stay fit and feel their best, on and off the road.

Bob Perry, the founder and president of Health in Transportation, is dedicated to delivering health solutions where drivers work and live - on the road. Hope Zvara is the co-founder and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga, a yoga program that aims to transfer the proven benefits of yoga to the trucking industry. These experts will be available to give drivers one-on-one health and wellness coaching, as well as to help drivers find the free fitness options, healthy food options, and medical clinics at TA, TA Express and Petro locations on their route.

StayFIT Days will help you go farther! Stop by to fuel up and stay to get fit.

Click here for the schedule!

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