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UltraONE Loyalty Program

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To the Loyal Go the Rewards

UltraONE is the loyalty program that saves you time and money just for visiting TA, Petro Shopping Centers or TA Express locations. The program is free to join, whether you’re a professional, coach or expediter driver. With UltraONE, you easily earn flexible rewards that you can use in our well-stocked travel stores, delicious quick-serve and full-serve restaurants and state-of-the-art truck service shops, or on showers, meals or reserved parking. At TravelCenters of America, our focus is on the driver. We’re redefining loyalty, and drivers are getting the rewards.

UltraONE Professional Driver

UltraONE Professional Driver

To the loyal go the rewards! As an UltraONE member, the more you fuel at TA, Petro or TA Express locations, the more you get, including two, three and four times points every time you fuel. Click MORE to learn more about how you can gear up to earn points and rewards with the UltraONE program.

UltraONE Expediter logo

UltraONE Expediter

The one rewards card that provides more ways for the Professional Expediter to earn points and showers and additional benefits.

Sign up for UltraONE Expediter today and start earning benefits right away. Click here for more details on the UltraONE Expediter Rewards Card.More

UltraONE Coach logo

UltraONE Coach

Rest, recharge and get rewarded! When you stop at TA, Petro or TA Express locations your passengers get amazing amenities, and with the UltraONE Coach program, you get amazing rewards. Click MORE to learn more about the UltraONE Coach loyalty program.

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